Exploration Project Management

Geovale has extensive global experience of working in remote and culturally diverse environments. We are specialists in cost effective exploration project management. Our mineral exploration services include both comprehensive and phased exploration strategies to suit your project objective. We offer experienced field geologists, efficient techniques and innovative project management skills which create a focused process to define and discover your target mineral resource.

Integrated Mineral Exploration Capability

Geovale exploration specialists have successfully executed many exploration projects globally, in various geological set-ups. We have significant experience of creating, managing and executing integrated exploration designs including complex geological – structural mapping, remote sensing, airborne and ground geophysical surveys, large geochemical survey programs and drilling supervision and data collection.

Range of Commodity Experience

Geovale specialists have range of commodity experience, including but not limited to iron ore and manganese, coal, base metals, bauxite, precious metals, diamonds, chromite, nickel, phosphate and various other industrial minerals.

Geographic Experience

Geovale team members have explored in all continents in the world. In the Indian subcontinent, our specialists have explored in all iron ore, coal, bauxite, precious metals and basemetal districts, for chromite, diamonds and industrial minerals. In South America, Geovale team has explored for base metals and iron ore. In Africa Geovale has explored for iron ore, manganese, bauxite, gold,heavy mineral sand and precious metals. In SE Asia, Geovale team has explored for coal, manganese, gold and base metals.

Geovale exploration programs are designed and managed to be Quality Controlled (QA-QC) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) driven, auditable and with absolute integrity, catering to international reporting standards (JORC, NI 43-101, SAMREC, UNFC)