In 2019, Geovale executed an exploration program for one of the leading Indian Iron ore miner  PSU  for a project , located in the renowned Lake Victoria goldfields in Tanzania.

To pursue the exploration work at the area, Geovale initially carried out Desktop study on Lake Victoria Goldfield deposits by analysing various published reports and information on the regional geology and mineralization. Geovale also studied the historical exploration and drilling data provided by the client for the area, thereby creating an exploration plan and way forward for the project.

Geological Mapping, Pit and Trench sampling were carried out as part of the preliminary exploration, which were succeeded by Topographic Survey and Geophysical Survey. Both the surveys were executed by Geovale Associates from Tanzania and Zambia, under the supervision of Geovale.

Based on the earlier drilling data received from the client, an Ore body was created, and a resource drill plan was formulated, which was further modified after the geophysical surveys, to accommodate the geophysical anomalies. An approximate 5000 meters was drilled in the area by Diamond Core and RC drill rigs.

In a span of 4 months, Geovale Geologists completed entire drilling supervision, geotechnical logging, lithological logging, sampling of core and RC chips and proper QAQC of the samples and entire dataset. All the samples were analysed in internationally reputed laboratory. In addition to that, metallurgical and gold processing studies were also undertaken in internationally accredited laboratories.

A JORC Mineral Resource Estimation Report was delivered within a timeline of 11 months.