Detailed Exploration of Banded Iron Formation (BIF) in Zimbabwe was carried out for one major Indian Iron and Steel Company. The study included Exploration project management in terms of Geological mapping, Geophysical survey, Drill site services and associated lithological/geotechnical logging, sampling, QAQC, metallurgical studies, database management, resource modelling and mineral estimation report generation.  

The study area was part of the Precambrian Granite-Greenstone Belt, known for gold and Banded Iron Formation.

The following tasks were carried out as part of stage gated exploration program:

  • Drill hole planning after detailed geological mapping and geophysical survey
  • Supervision of orientation drilling program-RC and DDH drilling, Lithological and geotechnical logging and subsequent sampling
  • Orientation line mapping and
  • Downhole geophysical logging and corresponding validation with lithological logging
  • Sample database management, QA/QC and Assay data validation
  • Metallurgical and hydrogeological studies
  • Resource modelling and providing assistance in JORC exploration report preparation
  • Managing JORC audits

A team of highly experienced geologists managed the entire exploration campaign as per JORC standard and the project was delivered within a timeline of 1.2 years.