Remote Sensing & GIS

Proficient remote sensing specialists at Geovale provide offerings at the best cost-effective solutions which is also complimented by analysis from world class experts from mineral exploration, hydrology, hydrogeology and environment domain of Geovale.

Our Geospatial Services

We pursue image analysis on satellite datasets of varied resolutions, which includes ASTER, Landsat, Sentinel, World View along with LISS and Cartosat datasets. We have been developing several customized algorithms to process and analyse the satellite datasets to meet the unique challenges and objectives of each project. Apart from these, we also pursue a detailed assessment of the available resources (Terrain, edaphic features, geology, hydrology, natural vegetation etc.) using remote sensing datasets as per the requirement of the project.

Geo-Data Services

Our specialists have the potential to transform data captured from any non-spatial domain to a GIS domain, which can be later analysed and utilised for various decision support system or in policy making.

Database Management

We have an in-depth knowledge of generating both non spatial as well as spatial database along with complex database management. A list of capabilities of the data storage and database architecture envisaged is depicted in the figures.

We provide database architecture by integrating advanced market-based technologies with spatial databases to create a sustainable secure and cost-effective decision support for various activities like exploration etc.