Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Studies

A PFS or FS is a detailed assessment of the technical, economic, social, environmental and infrastructural viability of a mining project. Geovale’s team of competent persons, mining engineers, processing engineers and International associates carry out PFS/FS studies for advanced exploration projects.

Mine Planning

Based on the estimated Geological resources and ore body model, a conceptual planning for mine development will be done initially.  This is followed by pit optimization and mine design using advanced computer software.  A detailed analysis of the mining operation indicating method or excavation, drilling and blasting, handling of waste and mineral rejects, use of mineral and beneficiation of minerals, site services, employment potential etc are given in this plan.

Mine Economics

Information compiled from the detailed research and field visits are filtered and verified by our CPs and RQPs to provide an accurate and unbiased report based on which miners can view the feasibility of a mining venture while investors can judge the risk weighted return potential. The focus of this study is financial and sensitivity analysis.

Geotechnical studies

Geotechnical studies are carried out to determine the mine stability. Geotechnical data collected from the boreholes during the exploration program are used and additional studies will also be carried out as required.

Hydrological studies

Hydrological studies are carried out to make detailed planning for underground and surface water management during the mining operations. Detailed field studies such as water level data collection, pumping tests and water quality analysis have to be carried out.

Environment & Social Studies

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) has to be carried out before commencement of mining operation. The environment, wildlife and community around the mining area to be affected have to be determined and proper Environment Management Plan (EMP) has to be made.


Detailed studies have to be carried out to assess the existing infrastructure and required infrastructure such as roads, railways, electricity, power lines, accommodation for miners etc at the proposed mine area.

Beneficiation Study

Bulk samples of required quantity have to be collected for metallurgical studies at lab to test the recoverability of a commodity aiming to design an appropriate processing circuit and a beneficiation plant and a cost estimation has to be carried out associated to it.