Geological Mapping & Geophysical Survey

Geological Mapping & Geophysical Survey are fundamental tools of exploration to understand the character, relations, distribution and origin or mode of formation of rock masses and several mineral deposits. Geovale’s team of experienced geologists and project managers are efficient to record accurate data/information in identifying all the geological/geophysical aspects of an area of interest

Geological Mapping

Thorough study of the rock outcrops and mineralization is important in preliminary stages of mineral exploration aiming to identify targets for further detailed exploration. Geovale’s highly experienced geological survey team follow a systematic approach starting with desktop studies of available literature as well as remote sensing studies of the satellite images to develop an understanding of the regional geology, structure, style of mineralization, terrain, geomorphology etc which are followed by field traverses for SOP based capturing of the lithological, structural, mineralization and location data from the study area and preparing the database in appropriate digital formats. A detailed geological map is prepared in GIS workspace in appropriate scale based on the field database and using advanced GIS software.

Geophysical Survey

Geophysical method is an important tool which is widely used in exploration of mineral commodities. Geovale has associations with highly experienced geophysicists and geophysical survey teams, who can carry out various ground geophysical surveys such as magnetics, electromagnetics, resistivity, IP etc as well as airborne magnetics and radiometric surveys to generate surface and subsurface geophysical data which help Geovale’s geologists who visualize the geophysical data using advanced software and interpret the data to delineate the lithology, structure and mineralization signatures to identify the targets for detailed exploration.