In 2018 and 2019, Geovale conducted Mineral Asset Evaluation for Bauxite, Chromite, Iron Ore and Manganese in Togo, for a Bahamas based Trading company. The study involved multiple site visits around Agou, Farende, Kabou, Lalamila and Nayega area.

The iron ore, chromite and bauxite concessions are geologically located on the Pan-African Dahomey Belt

The broad objectives of the study included:

  • Desktop study of various published reports and information on the regional geology and mineralization, historical exploration and drilling data provided by the client
  • Remote sensing with high resolution multispectral ASTER imagery for predictive mineralization
  • Validation of surface geology, structure and mineralization to understand nature, style and control over mineralization
  • Collection of representative samples from various types of iron formation 
  • Summarizing and comparing the assessment carried out during desktop level with additional surface level information
  • Database management and resource modelling based on historical exploration data
  • Evaluation of mineral assets and mining equipment
  • Infrastructure and market analysis

A team of Senior Geologists visited the prospect areas to study the geology, mineralization control and styles, validate historical exploration, potentiality of the mineral resources, assess mining scenario, equipment and logistics etc.

Geovale provided detailed asset evaluation report and JORC Geological report for one of the Iron Ore properties. The project was delivered within a timeline of 9 months.