700 km long Neoproterozoic Katangan Copperbelt at the southern part of DR Congo is one of the largest metallogenic belts in the world hosting more than 80 copper-cobalt and lead-zinc-copper deposits. There is also 600 km long Mesoproterozoic Kibaran orogenic belt at the west of DRC which is another metallogenic belt hosting rich mineralization of cassiterite (tin ore), columbaite-tantalite, wolframite (tungsten ore), spodumene (lithium ore) and beryl, which are mostly untapped.
In 2020, A Dubai based Mineral Trading Company appointed Geovale team to carry out technical due diligence of Copper in Kolwezi area in Southern DRC.
The following tasks were carried out to assess the concessions:

  • Data collation and assessment of public domain data on Topography, Tenement, Infrastructure, Geology and Mining
  • Acquisition, processing and interpretation of multi-spectral satellite images to create maps of the anomalies of various alteration and gangue minerals known to be associated with e regional copper deposits
  • Site due diligence in terms of validating remote sensing anomalies on ground, assessment of the geology, potentiality and possible style of mineralization at the concession area
  • Assessment of the topography, location, accessibility, drainage, vegetation, environment, infrastructure and social aspects
  • Recommendation on the future exploration strategy

Geovale provided a Due Diligence Report, highlighting the potentiality of the prospect area, recommendation and way forward for stage gated exploration program. The project was delivered within a timeline of 1 month.