Geophex Surveys Limited

Geophex Surveys Limited is a Zambian Geophysical Survey Contracting and Consulting Company based in Lusaka. The company has carried out geophysical survey work in various gold and base metal exploration projects in Zambia and in the Democratic Republic of Congo which has led to the successful delineation of ore zones and target identification. The company is managed by Aubrey N Mwalongo (Geophysicist/Managing Director) and other field geophysicists, geophysical and geological technicians. Aubrey has about 26 years of experiences in the field of geophysics for mineral and water exploration. Mr Mwalongo has worked in various major projects in Central and Southern Africa for a number of companies both as an employee and as a contractor gaining valuable experience in target generation, target screening, field examination and programme implementation, interpretation of data, planning, budgeting and reporting.