Desktop due diligence was carried out to assess the prospectivity of manganese mineralization in the known manganese metallogenic province located in the Precambrian granitic greenstone belts of Zambia. The objective of the study was to identify most prospective areas within the same metallogenic province.

The following tasks were carried out to deliver the project scope:

  • Acquisition of high-resolution ASTER imagery and processing of ASTER using ENVI
  • Interpretation of structure, mineral spectral signatures and correlation of surface geology with ASTER spectral signatures from multiple band ratio
  • Correlation of geology with interpreted ASTER anomalies

A Field due diligence conducted on the basis of the finding of the desktop study. Field due diligence involved the following studies:

  • Validation of surface geology, structure and mineralization to understand nature, style and control over mineralization
  • Validation of predicted Manganese mineralization trends obtained from ASTER image analysis
  • Collection of representative geochemical samples
  • Summarizing and comparing the assessment carried out during desktop level with additional surface level information
  • Target identification and area reduction for next phase of exploration

A detailed report with recommendation and future exploration strategy were communicated to the client. The report also briefed about the risk assessments. The project was delivered within a timeline of 1 month.