Desktop due diligence was carried out to evaluate coal potentiality of the Gondwana coal belt in Mozambique for an Indian Mining Company. Preliminary exploration indicated low quality coal measures, burnt by dykes. The study was focused to identify better prospective blocks which are free of dykes within the existing lease areas.

The regional geology of the area is characterized by Gondwana basin over Precambrian Gneissic Basement juxtaposed to Neoproterozoic mobile belts.

The following tasks were carried out as per the project scope and delivered within estimated timeline:

  • Acquisition of high-resolution ASTER imagery and processing of ASTER using ENVI
  • Interpretation of structure, mineral spectral signatures in residual soil, correlation of surface geology and drill core intersection results with ASTER spectral signatures from multiple band ratio
  • Integration of Airborne magnetic imagery
  • Geological Map digitization in detail scale
  • Correlation of geology with interpreted magnetic anomalies and ASTER anomalies

Geology-geophysics-remote sensing suggested the central region of the prospect is the thickest part of the basin where major coal measures are expected as per the known stratigraphy. This reduced area interpreted and recommended from the desktop study was almost 1/5th of the total area of interest.

A detailed report of the entire desktop study with recommendation and way forward were communicated to the client. The project was delivered within a timeline of 1 month.