A technical due diligence of Iron Ore was conducted for one of the major Iron Ore Mining Companies  of India. The study involved detailed desktop due diligence followed by multiple site visits in and around Akjoujt, Atar and Zouerat regions.

The regional geology of the area is dominated by BIF bearing volcano-sedimentary sequence, which is further lithostratigraphically divided into two major Groups: the older Eizzene Group and the younger Oumachoueima Group, with an unconformity in between. Each of these groups are further divided into multiple mappable formations.

The following tasks were carried out as per the project scope and delivered within estimated timeline:

  • Detailed Desktop analysis which involves collection and analysis of public domain data and literature, historical exploration, airborne magnetic anomalies and remote sensing to prioritize a few Iron Ore concessions
  • Validation of surface geology, structure and mineralization to understand nature, style and control over mineralization
  • Validation of airborne magnetic anomalies reinterpreted during desktop level analysis
  • Validation of predicted Fe oxide dispersion trends obtained from ASTER image analysis
  • Collection of representative samples from various types of iron formation 
  • Summarizing and comparing the assessment carried out during desktop level with additional surface level information

A team of Exploration Geologists visited all the prospect areas to study the geology, mineralization control and styles, potentiality of the mineral resources, infrastructure etc. Multiple samples collected and analysed in Internationally accredited laboratory.

A detailed report of the entire study with a revised ranking of all the nominated Iron Ore concessions, recommendation and way forward were communicated to the client. The project was delivered within a timeline of 6 months.