Watershed management studies in the Cauvery River basin

Sukhen (left) and Hrishi (right) are carrying out hydro-census in the Bhavani River Basin in South India.

This was an integrated watershed management study, where Geovale Service’ team of experienced hydrologists, hydrogeologists, remote sensing, GIS and database specialists and environmental scientists along with an associate pool of agriculturists, economists and community specialists carried out the study.

With population growth and ever-increasing demand from the reducing reserve of water storages, pressures are mounting on the water managers and the community, all over the country. A 2018 report from global advocacy group Water Aid has put India at the top of its list of countries with the worst access to clean water close to homes—163 million Indians live this way.

Geovale’s experienced team is busy carrying out extensive water surveys, data collection and scientific data analysis across different states of India as part of watershed management programs, water security studies (including risk analysis) for industries and urban water requirements, hydrogeological exploration, water budgeting, water audit, water conservation and impact assessment.