Hydrogeological investigation in Bangladesh

Occupational safety is his first concern, hence PPE’s are important. He will be working at a drill-site, which requires additional levels of risk analysis. Sujay has also carried out a comprehensive health, safety, environment and community risk analysis corresponding to the project, and has taken necessary mitigation measures. He will be developing a thorough understanding of hydrology and hydrogeology using the team skills of geological – structural mapping, remote sensing, geomorphological studies, hydro-census, ground geophysical studies, followed by drilling, detailed lithological and hydrogeological logging, hydro-census, water quality studies, multiple levels of pump tests and aquifer characterisation over the watershed encompassing the asset being investigated. Geovale Services‘ young and committed scientists and engineers form the backbone for many of our operations, while globally experienced team of our consulting analysts work on the final deliverables for our clients.